Laura Guertin with JOIDES Resolution in Cape Town, South Africa, prior to boarding for Expedition 390 (April 2022). Laura served as an Onboard Outreach Officer for EXP 390.

Laura Guertin - scientist, educator, and stitcher

I'm a Distinguished Professor of Earth Sciences at Penn State Brandywine (Media, PA), dedicated to improving the overall scientific literacy of the non-STEM majors in my introductory-level earth science courses. I also enjoy engaging in public outreach events and finding ways to connect all audiences with earth science and why knowledge and research in my discipline matters. 

Although I started quilting in 2006, I didn't start utilizing quilts as a way to engage in scientific storytelling until 2018 after attending the OCEANDOTCOMM event at the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON). I have found that quilting science stories is an effective way to bring new audiences to conversations around science - in this case, stories relating to scientific ocean drilling. I have enjoyed creating this quilt collection based upon my experiences on Expedition 390 to honor the scientific mission of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), the work of JOIDES Resolution and its crew/staff, and the contributions of the scientists that have sailed since Glomar Challenger's Leg 1 in 1968.

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